Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Straight To The Top - Midnight Mix - 2Fabiola

New Musical Mix, New Visual Edit.

Music video for 2Fabiola = Pat Krimson & Katie Michaelson.

Camera & Dop: Anton Mertens
Styling & Make up: Neo Cleo - Léony Krämer & Ellen Blereau
Art Direction: Ozon - Karl de Tollenaere, Timothy Bauwens & Naomi Vandekerckhove
Editing: Bruno Tracq
Fixer: Manny Willems
Floor Manager: Liesbet Vaes


Ari said...

You do really nice work, jeankebos, congrats! Found you though YouTube.


Ari Shohat

Anonymous said...

I found you through Youtube and I'd like to know if you know something about 2fabiola's return... I can't find any info on the net but they're back (in this weeks).
Thank you!